My name is Kip Deeds. I am a web developer. I work with html, css, javascript, and php.

  • 95%


    Use html daily with consideration of html5 practice and web accecibility

    (skill level high)

  • 90%


    Use every day. CSS with Sass for structure and organization

    (skill level high)

  • 60%


    Regular use of functions, arrays, and objects. Knowledgeable with jQuery. Basic knowledge of frameworks and node.

    (skill level mid)

  • 35%


    understanding of syntax and data relationships. Use primarily with Wordpress and building themes.

    (skill level basic)


I am from the United States, currently living and working in Warsaw, Poland. In Poland I met my wife, inherited a dog, and have been challenged by learning a new language. My greatest interest is programming JavaScript and leveraging new features using Webpack and Babel. However, I also have an artistic background and enjoy developing beautiful and performative user interfaces.


I have worked with individuals on complete websites and large companies who have targetted needs. Clients have included eBay, ETS, Artsphere Inc. among others. For more information visit my LinkedIn page. If I have got your attention and we talk a detailed account of my projects can be made. Until then you may enjoy other parts of this site.