The Village

Distant from Winesburg, Ohio, but the same small animals scamper near the road that leads to bigger places. The village is divided by a road and met by a single shop. No description will lead to a full picture. However, an attempt means a worthy journey.

Jaroszowa Wola drawing
Jaroszowa Wola

The shop yields potatoes that look like they felt the ground. For the the children or the cyclist is an ice cream or a treat. Outside are cats, dogs, a few keepers, and a few are unkept. The drinkers find their places slowly disappear. A half burned stump at the edge of a yard. An old wooden wagon in disarray.

The Village Shop

The exercise park is uninhabited. Exercise is walking to the shop. On one side of the divide is a forest, on the other are expansive fields. There is a hotel for animals and a periodic chorus of barking. Bumps slow the cars. At half-time the divots get fixed on the polo field.

A path in the forest.
The Animal Hotel
Polo Field

A leader encourages a line of dogs to march through the village. Everyone has a job, wild pigs and mosquitos alike. Persistently blood is given and taken. People and ponies come and go. The dogs watch the gate with the cat in its hiding place. There is one parrot in the village that whistles poetry telling the lonely to come home.

Conversing with the parrot.

The village is close enough to the train that it can be heard. Over time the city has moved toward the village. This change has led to new houses. Where there were mostly farms, holiday houses were added, and later residential dwellings of different sizes, shapes, and styles.

Three extra pictures for the road.

Stork Nest
ul. Leśna (village Road)
Official Map

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