Overwhelmington is a place within proximity of Wilmington, Delaware. If you find yourself in Overwhelmington and wish to retreat, head north by car on I-95 from wherever you are. If you are not near I-95 or if you do not have a car, head north by foot. If you think you are heading north but are not, keep going anyway. When you see a sign for a park or a nice safe place, exit and go for a 30 minute walk. Observe the flora and fauna. Notice the plants and animals. They are in a state of being, they will continue to be, and seem unaware of the possibility of not being at a future time. If after 30 minutes you are not out of Overwhelmington, I suggest a cup of green tea. If you do not believe that Overwhelmington exists, look at a drawing I made last year called “Walden, Sprawl, and All”. The sky scrapers of Overwhelmington can be seen on the top right above the cabin.

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