The Path of Least Resistance?

Whenever I can, I try to go for a walk because I find it meditative and I notice that I begin to see objects and places in ways that I do not ordinarily.  Ordinarily, I am in too much of a rush to really look closely.  I walk for about a mile and a half and I mostly follow the same route or a slight variant.  Part of the walk is on a path.  I marvel at one of the trees along the path for it appears to be tipping over and at the same time it seems to be trying to right itself through growth.  It seems to be in a hopeless battle to keep itself from prematurely falling over.  This is a little sad to me.  However, if the tree were not so precarious I wonder if I would have noticed it or considered its life.  The irony about this situation is that the tree is right next to the path. The path is suppose to be the safest route.  Every time I pass the tree on the path I feel like I am tempting fate and that both myself and the tree are locked in the same struggle to stay upright. Sometimes the road most travelled can make all the difference.  Perhaps seeing the road and what surrounds it is key.

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