Soaking Stamps

Stamps often provide an introduction to subjects and people

that are unfamiliar. Finding a good stamp can be exhilarating. 
It can be akin to finding a little work of art. 

Having outbid everyone else on e-bay (accidentally), I was blessed
with several pounds of canceled stamps. At least  four pounds 
were American flags. However, I managed to find some less common
ones in the mix. I have spent the last week sorting and soaking off the
paper adhered to the back of the stamps. Below is one of the little 
miracles I found.

Next time you go to the post office consider helping out the postal
service by buying unusual stamps and avoiding the forever stamps.
Forever stamps also equal more of the same for stamp collectors.
You will be helping out collectors and artists like me who
use stamps in their art. Below is one of my watercolor/drawings
that includes stamps.

Wall Drawing, 22″ x 15″, 2008

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