Gwen Frostic and the Cherry Hut

(The front entrance of Gwen Frostic’s print shop and store)

This summer I visited two popular destinations in Northern Michigan. One of these sites is
Gwen Frostic’s print shop and store in Benzonia, Michigan. The other destination is the Cherry Hut in near by Beulah, Michigan.

(A portrait of Gwen Frostic)

Gwen Frostic (1906 -2001)was an artist who made linoleum cut prints using motifs from nature to make cards and books. A few of the cards feature unlikely themes for greeting cards (e.g. cards that feature rainfall or one animal devouring another). I feel Frostic tried to reveal nature’s beauty without simplifying its complexity.

(Printing presses at Gwen Frostic)

Recently, Gwen Frostic’s Printshop seems to have fallen on some hard times and was shut down for a while. However, with new owners the printing center and store have re-opened. Although the website for this popular destination could use some updating, the actual location is a fascinating excursion. Frostic created a facility where people could watch the printing of her uniquely designed cards. Many cards and products are featured in the store and are favorably priced. Year after year I have come back to visit the press and shop to buy more cards. Seeing the unique building and grounds, the press operation, and the many cards and books is well worth a few hours of time.

(Gwen Frostic’s cards)

(Books by Gwen Frostic)

Finally, after I left Gwen Frostic’s shop this year, I stopped at the Cherry Hut. The Cherry Hut is opened seasonally in the spring and summer months and is minutes from Gwen Frostic. The graphic sign out front is well known in the area (see the image below). This local diner (established in 1922) offers a fine cherry pie.

(The Cherry Hut sign and entrance)

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  1. I had no idea Gwen Frostics closed down temporarily. Glad it's back open — I love that place, and her prints. In all my years in MI, I never once visited the Cherry Hut. I guess my heart was always stolen by Grand Traverse Pie Company…

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