This past spring I entered a contest where artists could submit designs for a billboard. There was a prescribed scale artists had to consider, but the was no limit on content.  I spent a weekend making three designs. My original idea was to make a very small print large and then offer commentary related to the imagery. Initially, I used rubber stamps (these I carved) to make small prints. After the prints were scanned, adjustments and additions were made in Adobe Illustrator.

Ultimately, my plans were rejected. However, I feel that the sayings and imagery offer something to consider.  Perhaps the traffic that passes through this site will give the billboard designs greater consideration than viewers might if they passed actual billboards by car. The design at the top depicts the age of the internet, but ironically it is made in a way that alludes to what is handmade and personal. The middle image reflects our habits and how they relate to one’s desire to fit in. The bottom image follows the path of history and how information and vision have been passed from place to place. Of course each mode has it’s advantage and disadvantage. 

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