A View of the People by Shelley Spector

(To learn more about the “Viewfinder Project” see the original post.)

Shelley Spector’s “Viewfinder” reminded me of the the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is about ordinary people joining to do something bigger than themselves. I was heartened to read an article in the L.A. Times about how the Occupy Wall Street protesters are generally unexcited about celebrities coming to the protest and making a spectacle. They are concerned that their message (broadly defining problems of income disparity) may be co-opted and used for personal gain. Because Spector’s method appears direct she is able to create an image that feels like a spontaneous gathering and event comprised locals (similar to the assembly in New York). Hopefully, the Occupy Wall Street movement will be able to maintain a sense of independence and truly represent the people. This responsibility, much like the human tower depicted, is a tall order.

Shelley Spector, “Viewfinder”, 6″ x 4 1/4″, 2006

For more information visit Shelly Spector’s website. Shelley has also created a website called Art Jaw that fosters first hand accounts about the art community in Philadelphia.

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