First Impression

Above is the first image from my new camera. As the camera arrived, so did the spring. Though the calendar changed, the leaves have not yet shown their presence. The tail end of winter is still nipping at the branches. I am not a fan of cold weather, but one joy is seeing more of the sky from my window. Sunsets can be spectacular, and the branches form an intricate web against the changing colors in the sky. I will miss this, but one loss rarely comes without a different joy. It is up to us to find harmony and our own joy. This may take practice and persistence, but a song is always in the air. With camera in hand, I will have a new instrument to explore each new day.

2 thoughts on “First Impression

  1. I love the transitions of the seasons. I was walking in the woods by the ocean yesterday. Snow still everywhere but the smell of mud and decay was the hint of spring in the air.

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